Happy Birthday in Cantonese

Happy Birthday in Cantonese

In China, there are people who speaks either Cantonese or mandarin or both. Wishing some happy birthday in Chinese can be a little confusing since mandarin or Cantonese are a part of Chinese and both the language use different phases to say happy birthday. As for Cantonese I think it is much more difficult for non-chinese people to learn how to say happy birthday in Cantonese.

So today I will talk about how you can say happy birthday in Cantonese. Hopefully with this short article you will get the idea of birthdays in China as well as how you can wish someone happy birthday in Cantonese.

China is largest population country and there are many traditions and people from different backgrounds. Some people celebrate birthdays just like the westerners do because they have moved their and follow the practice of westerners.

While in China, Cantonese speaking people do celebrate birthdays by having a devotion with families. Devotions are done mainly by the religious Cantonese people. Inviting families and friends over for birthday dinner is also very common. The dinner includes home-cooked food which is mostly the traditional ones.

Presenting gifts, singing and dancing are also a part of birthdays among Cantonese people.

So how to say happy birthday in Cantonese.

How to Say Happy Birthday in Cantonese
How to Say Happy Birthday in Cantonese

The most common phase of wishing happy birthday is “sang yat fai lok”. There are other phases but this one is the most common. Of course it does not exactly translate as happy birthday because there are grammatical difference in every language and saying in a particular language makes sense only to that specific language.

Here are some other phases in Cantonese

Siw hou seung hoi it means always smile or frequently smiling

Sam seurng see sing it means “may your wish come true” or to be exact it means “your heart wants is successful”.

San tai gin hong, means “wishing you good or best health”.

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