Happy Birthday in Chinese

Happy Birthday in Chinese

How do you say Happy Birthday in Chinese-Birthday is that day of the year when your friends and family give their best wishes to you and tell you how much you mean to them. You are the gift for others. Birthday basically reminds you and others of the same. Birthday is the day when you are the most vital individual.

You get most of the attention that day. Each culture has diverse customs for their birthday. Some desire to spend it unobtrusively, a few others like to go out with their companions. No matter what, this day is celebrated well either by oneself or with unique individuals in your heart. This day additionally influences individuals to come closer and let go all the bitterness covered in their souls.

How to Say Happy Birthday in Chinese

How to Say Happy Birthday in Chinese-“生日快乐.” ” Shēngrì kuàilè” this is how Happy birthday is said in Chinese. Like every other country, China also has their own birthday traditions for this blissful day. In China, you turn 2 when its your 1st birthday. They think that the 9 months in the mother’s womb as the 1st year of the child. So, after being born, they count from 1 year. Hence the 1st birthday party the child gets is said to be at 2 years age. In China, it is taboo to celebrate your birthday after the date is passed.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Chinese

Happy Birthday in Chinese-生日快乐

Happy Birthday To You in Chinese-祝你生日快乐

Happy Belated Birthday in Chinese-迟来的生日快乐

Happy Birthday My Friend in Chinese – 我的朋友,祝你生日快乐

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Birthday Wishes Images in Chinese
Happy Birthday Images in Chinese
Happy Birthday Images in ChineseHappy Birthday Images in Chinese
Happy Birthday in Chinese Images
Happy Birthday in Chinese Images

Birthday Song- Happy Birthday Song in Chinese

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You can celebrate a day early or on that day, but they never celebrate a day later. It’s not a good luck they say. In China, the birthday kid traditionally swigs longevity noodles. These noodles symbolize long life. They need to eat 1 whole bowl of noodles, one strand after another. Birthdays is a day to be thankful and to celebrate your existence. Be happy for the people around you because you know they love you and that they are happy for you on that day. It is a happy day.


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