How to Say Happy Birthday in French

Happy Birthday in French

How do you say Happy Birthday in French-Every language has it’s own way of saying or wishing Happy Birthday. Although almost everyone in this world is familiar with the term “Happy Birthday”, but saying happy birthday in a particular language is not common.

Saying happy birthday in French has a pure meaning behind it. “Bon Anniversaire” or “Joyeux Anniversaire” is how you wish happy birthday in French. If you are not familiar with the french language then you will also find it hard to pronounce it.

How to Say Happy Birthday in French

How to Say Happy Birthday in French-Some people shortened the words and use “Bon Anniv” and Joyeux Anniv”. Some people also use “Annif” instead of “Anniv”.

If you planning to send cards then you should also give something as a present as well. So what to write in the card? It is totally up to you what you want to write. But I would suggest you to go for

Joyeux Anniversaire Marrie.

A bientôt

What to Present

Avoid clothes, perfumes and decorations as a birthday gift. Yes I am talking about men and women. This is quite a touchy subject.

Maybe you can go for flowers if you are presenting it to a women or girl. A pot of orchid is the best option as most French girls love orchid. If you are presenting the gift for men then you can get wine and food items such as chocolates, macarons.

Here are other items that you can give the birthday boy/girl as a present

  • A magazine subscription
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Coupon for cinema
  • Good hand cream
  • A notebook of their favorite color

During a birthday party family and friends gather together and celebrate the birthday ceremony. After the cutting of the cake everyone eats the cake and after that they celebrate the special meal for the birthday. This is very common and almost everyone celebrates like this.

Happy Birthday Wishes in French

Happy Birthday -Bon Anniversaire

Happy Birthday To You in French-Joyeux Anniversaire

Happy Belated Birthday in FrenchJoyeux Anniversaire Tardif

Happy Birthday My Friend in French – Bon Anniversaire Mon Ami

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Birthday Wishes Images in French
Happy Birthday in French Images
Happy Birthday in French Images
Happy Birthday Images in French
Happy Birthday Images in French

Birthday Song- Happy Birthday in French Song

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