Happy Birthday in Irish

Happy Birthday in Irish

How do you say happy birthday in Irish-Almost every culture celebrates birthdays by giving surprises and gifts to the individual whose birthday it is. Birthday can be defined as the occasion of celebrating the birth (on the birth date every year) of someone or something which is special and holds a place in your life. There are some special birthdays as well which are declared as holidays like Christmas or Buddha’s birthday.

Birthdays are indeed a special day for a person. A day of the year which is completely dedicated to him or her. In this day everyone celebrates the person’s birthday by giving gifts, giving greeting cards, cutting cakes and singing the Happy Birthday song.

How to Say Happy Birthday in Irish

There are two ways one can wish a happy birthday to someone in IRISH

  • Breithlá Sona! (BREH-LAW SO-nuh)
  • Lá Breithe Sona! (LAW BREH-huh SO-nuh)

Birthdays in Irish are celebrated in quite a similar way to that in U.S or any other country in Europe with a very little exception. The birthday starts with everyone wishing you happy birthday and then starts with partying. We have done some research and found some tradition of celebrating the day which is different from other countries.

One of the traditions involves Butter. Yeah you heard it right! On this day the parents or the guest or your older sibling would take butter and smear the birthday boy or girl with it.

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There is another tradition also which is a bit more interesting and fun to do. In this, the birthday boy or girl is holed upside down and is gently bumped on the ground for as many time as he has got old and then as an extra good luck he is bumped one extra time.

This was all about celebrating birthdays in Irish and some of their uncommon way and traditions to celebrate the day.

Birthday Song- Happy Birthday Song in Irish

Coming Soon- Happy Birthday Song in Irish is Coming Soon. Please Leave Your Comment Which Type of Birthday Song in Irish You Want

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