Happy Birthday in Italian

Happy Birthday in Italian

How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Italian-Birthday is that day of the year when you pass on a grin to appearances of your friends and family. You are the present for others. Birthday generally reminds you and others that.

Birthday is the day when you are the most urgent individual. Each culture has diverse customs for their birthday. Some need to spend it unpretentiously, several thinks about continuing with their partners. Notwithstanding what this day is worshiped either with oneself or with special individuals in your heart.

It has little regard for the harshness that others might have in their heart for you. The day is special and everyone forgets everything else to make this a happy experience for the person.

How to Say Happy Birthday in Italian

How to Say Happy Birthday in Italian-“Buon Compleanno”This is how you greet your Italian amigo for his/her birthday. Italy has many interesting traditions for their birthdays.  The 18th year of Italian’s is the most important age. If the child is turning 18, it is mandatory to throw a huge party. it is common to invite more than 200-300 people for the party.

You need to rent out a venue to celebrate this day. Usually, it starts aroun7-7:30 pm. The dinner is served after 9-9:30 pm. Typically the Italian delicacies are served. There will be wine, beer. Meat and cheese is must in the dinner. There will be salad, pork, lasagna etc.

After dinner they have a tradition, they dance and then the birthday cake is cut, pop champagne. It is very common to make a video story about the MVP of the night. It is made to remember the very moment. Because well hello you do not turn 18 every year, right?

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Birthdays are the day when you radiate happiness and spread joy all over your surroundings. Be happy and smile around and spread love to your loved ones.

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